I must apologise... But maybe it is like the song says- its too late? Anyway, none the less, etc, in the last week or so we have covered much distance from St Petersburg to Copenhagen stopping in Stockholm and Helsinki on the way, and now here I sit on my ace again in dubai which means that there have been around 7 countries in around 20 days... My mind is struggling to comprehend. Enough of that though. The last couple of days have been truly magical with theme park rides (picture attached) and boats and bicycles. Not to mention planes, Danishes, bambi steaks and the list goes on. Awesome just doesn't seem to cut it and the only way to describe it adequately would be to write a book, but I feel it is self defeating as then you would be missing out on a whole lot of stuff... So that brings me to here, listening to Meleika in 37deg in villa 49, somewhere in Dubai. Somehow the trip is not yet over! Be on the home stretch! rexfuzzle.com