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Blockchain Government

So the recent government elections here in South Africa got me thinking- there must be a better way. Keeping a government accountable should not only happen every 4/5 years. The technology exists to make this process nearly instant. Not only that, but there exists a space where you may not agree with a certain party on all issues and this should be expressed.

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Blog Back

So here we are- the blog is back! Yay!

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Good Negative

So recently I've been doing some work on this and that and noticed something. It is very difficult to get a negative comment on something that you've made or done. For example, I made a facebook cover page for something a friend of mine and I are going to launch. I wasn't particularly impressed with the page, but uploaded it and asked for his comment. Nothing- only that looks good. Similar thing happened with a video I made, nothing but no comment or that looks good kinda vibe. Maybe I'm too cynical or something but I simple don't believe it, that or people have lost opinions along the way.

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Speed Listening

So by the title the idea is simple. Speed up whatever you're listening to so that you can get though it faster. I've been playing around with this a bit and found that I can quite easily listen to podcasts at around 1.5x but I'm slowly increasing the speed from there. Numbers around 4x have been thrown around on the web, so that would be interesting.

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Dakar Pano

Dakar Pano

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Buffet of Girls and Bad Hair

So I recently went surfing, well attempted to anyway. In a word, it was cold. I somehow managed to choose a terrible day to go surfing- there was a cold wind and the water wasn’t exactly warm either. But there we were- in Durban, at sunrise, surfing. Let me clarify a few things- we being myself and a friend from work who offered to show me how its done, sunrise, being the time when we were supposed to see the sun rising but couldn’t due to the overcast rainy weather and surfing loosely interpreted as trying to stand up on a board whilst riding a wave.
Whilst out on the bitterly cold ocean a few things struck me- one was that I quite enjoyed it. The cold was a factor that would most probably change quite easily and could easily be fixed with a wetsuit or other apparel. Two was that everybody had bad hair- I do not think there is a single person in the world with hair that could get through the waves and have good hair, especially girls. It is awesome and I really really enjoyed seeing it as it put everybody on the same level- no makeup, skimpy costumes, fancy clothes etc, just a bunch of humans on in the waves with a common purpose. I can see why the surfing community in general is quite a close knit group.
Now a buffet of girls is not my phase, but it made me laugh. On chatting to a new found friend he mentioned the distinct lack of the buffet of girls he was promised down in Ballito. Oh, Ballito is where I live now- its kinda cool actually. Anyway, I suppose its one of those preconceived ideas that many people have about certain places. In this case, that the girls in Ballito would be, A, plentiful and B, walking along the beach ready to be chosen as suitable chat-up material, or so I would assume is meant by buffet of girls. None the less said friend had not found this buffet and I commiserated the fact with him.
Onwards and upwards as my new boss would say- I’m enjoying life down here and feel that it is where i need to be. I do apologise for the distinctly self centred post about myself, but it is hard to give news about Grant Stephens in the third person.

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Why be cool?

Note: Spoilers if you haven't seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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