Hey hey hey, its a new day, no, a new week and even though it might not be something particularly special it is new and this week is going to be made special. It is going to take effort and will power but special it will be. Why? Does there have to be a reason, but then again by that logic every week should be special so where does that leave us? Well every now and then I think we have to re-evaluate what it most important to us and start working on it again and this is my Hakuna-Matata week. Don't worry, be happy type deal. The last while has been rough- You may have noticed the absence of posts- and thus it is hitting the reset button. This begs the question how does that happen when we just start having a rough time and stuff starts getting you down? Well to be negative about the whole thing, I think everybody else is being negative and the effect rubs off eventually so we have to start again, this time aiming to do better than last time, hold out longer, kinda like getting over an addiction. Hmm, negativity and addiction? Well if it is, it something I do not understand. How does being negative make you happy? Sounds weird. Anyway, not worth debating, this is the beginning of a big new positivity week and like the lyrics go: "Nothing going to bring me down…"
Be Positive