Wind in My Beard

So there I was, chillin' as usual and there was a movement in the air, some might call this wind. My perfectly groomed beard was also chillin' as it is on my face (kinda hard for it not to be chillin too). Anyway, the next thing I know is that there is a slight rustling feeling from my chin. Well that is what my face was telling my brain but my brain was confused. "What, the beard is being moved??? The hands are in pockets and there is nobody around that I've been informed of." My brain naturally sent a quizzical look to the face, which cause some more beard motion, this time it was expected though.The all important ah-ha moment was not far off. It all happened so quickly. The head was turned to face the wind, something about looking straight at it that makes is refreshing. The face reported to the brain once again, this time in earnest- a lot of rustling going on down here... The brain clicked, the so called lightbulb moment- The wind is making the beard move on the face.So ja, for those if you that can, grow a beard and experience it. For those of you that can't, I hope that this post provides some insights to the awesomeness.Be Having A Beard