Why do bloggers blog?

I have wondered this point many a time with no real conclusions. I do not for example think that I have something that I believe the whole world should read this instant (Twitter perhaps?) and it is certainly not for the money since there isn't any.Maybe we all believe that one day our blog will become great and and famous and then it'll be our breakthrough and we'll write a book and that will make money too and then a series of movies on our life and and and. No, if I believed that for one second I might have to do some actual work and post some meaningful stuff. So where does that leave us?Well, so far I have stereotyped like a boss and said that all bloggers are the same and that right there is exactly why I blog. I believe that I am unique, just like everybody else, but that my uniqueness is somehow expressed in my blog and maybe, somebody who is possible similarly unique to me might find it interesting and enjoy reading it. If someone enjoys reading my blog then that is a win in my book(blog).So I hope you enjoy reading it, and if you don't blog about it and express it in your unique way and maybe somebody will enjoy that and then it is a win in your blog for me. Ja.Be Blogging