What drives you? Today I went cycling and at a certain point I started questioning this. I mean, why was I still going. There was no prize, no applause, in fact nobody even congratulated me on finishing, they all just looked at me as if I was crazy. Why did I do it, what kept me going? Now please don't get me wrong, I don't mean in terms of life and the big picture type stuff, but more those things that you just do, and you maybe start of enjoying them but then they just go bad and somehow you just have to finish. Maybe a bad book, or a chore that becomes very tedious and repetitive. You could probably do it any other time, or quit and nobody would care, but for some reason you persevere. Is that what will power is, I always imagined it would have a big goal at the end that could be achieved and then you could brag to your friends or show or or be proud of yourself. That is the other thing, by finishing this stupid little thing, can you really be proud of yourself- well done, you read a book you didn't enjoy or finished a chore or completed a long cycle- big whoop! In reality though, no, not big whoop- nobody cares, in fact I'm wandering if I even care and yet somehow I keep doing these things.So I really don't want to finish this post on such a negative note, so have to come up with some reason for it. Something inside me is going- it is me, your human spirit- I am unbreakable. Now I've heard stories about things like this from the war and people just refuse to give up, no matter how stupid the cause it, they persevere, they get it done. When push comes to shove, as it does in times of war, people keep on, the keep fighting, even when the odds are completely against them, they have hope. More than that I believe that every human has something inside of them that is unbreakable, something that keeps them going, that makes everyone a a fighter and may it never ever be broken as in some way it makes us human.Be Fighting