This too is Relative

So the world is a different place right now. A large proportion of the world's population is in lock-down of some form or another. Life might look a whole lot different right now.

Something that I have to keep on reminding myself of is that this is relative. I have no been on this earth for more than 30 years and somehow the last 6 weeks feel like that have gone on forever and I can't wait to go back to normal. But has it really been forever, 6weeks/30years is 0.3%. Hardly forever.

Somehow when we're in the midst of something it is huge and the only thing we can see. Kinda like walking in a canyon- the mountains around you are huge and ominous and all you want to do is climb the clostest one to get out. Somehow that seems like a better alternative than admiring the river that made the canyon and just following it as it leads you out the easy way.

Yes, for now that might mean sitting at home more than you would normally want to, or changing some aspect of your life that you had no intention of changing, but the fact of the matter is, is that this too shall pass. One day we'll be able to fly over this canyon in our memories and think back to having all this time on our hands and how pretty is actually is- if nothing else if is making us appreciate our freedom in a way that will be impossible to forget.

Be appreciating.