Remembrance Day

So today is armistice day and if you don't know it is the day on which the second world war was stopped. It is also known as poppy day or remembrance day. This may be a strange point of view but to me this is a very important day. Without it we may not have been here at all. It should also serve as a solemn reminder of what is so wrong about war.It is also an issue of honour, something which is not found very often these days. We need to honour the people who went before us as they are the reason we are here and in this case of soldiers people who have experienced things that we will hopefully never have to experience thanks to them. So at 11:00 today this will be posted as my reflection on the past and in some small way trying to honour those who went before us. I will hopefully try and find a last post that is being played somewhere and take a minute.Have Honour