You ever had one of those moments where you suddenly rethought everything in your whole life up to that point? Hmm, well in the last while I've been having a number of those and I don't know what to make of them.I am really concerned that the happen because my view of life up until that point has been rather closed and "secluded" and it has taken an outlandish statement or some brutal honesty from someone to make me rethink it. Without trying to sound too vain I've always tried to consider myself quite openminded and yet somehow things can still catch me completely unawares.On the plus side it means that I can still learn something and be challenged in certain areas. Ok, but that is enough about me, now i somehow have to bring this back to you, my faithful blog reader, whoever you are. I guess what this means is that I have to share how i have learnt something from all of this and I think that learning is exactly the crux of the matter. We must never shut down our brains and decide that we have learnt everything that life has to offer, basically be willing to let it teach you something.Be open...minded