So every now and then something funny happens. This time it was made more funny by the fact that I had just explained what was about to happen and then it did. Let me explain:There we were, buying jelly beans and my friend, who is to remain unnamed was having a gay old time throwing the packets of jelly beans in the air and catching them. I then proceeded to gesture to her what would happen if she should not catch one, something of an inverted fountain with the jelly beans crashing to the floor and spreading all over the place. This was all explained with hand gestures. Naturally she said that would never happen.Truth be told, the very next bag that went up in the air, ended up on the floor and the jelly beans were all over the shop.I am not sorry that I could not stop laughing, after all, I could not have do a pre-play any better. The shop attendant was most kind and took pity on aforementioned friend and gave her a new bag after I eventually helped rid the floor of the jelly bean floor.So the moral of the story? If you're slightly spastic, don't go throwing jelly beans in the air, especially a whole packet at a time and secondly, try not to laugh too much when you drop stuff in a store- people tend to stare more than they already were.Be Spastic