Technically overboard means when something goes over the side of a ship, this is usually a bad thing unless that this was walking the plank.
These days plank walking has become less common and planking has taken its place and somehow in some cases the results have been similar (-10 for humanity advancing). Overboard on the other hand has come to mean going to ridiculous proportions or taking something too far or something along those lines, you catch my drift... Drifting, something you would do if you walked the plank. But I digress.
The point of this post, if ever there was one is to explain what overboard is exactly and what better way to do this than with an example. A fellow blogger friend recently challenged me and I don't take challenges lightly and this blog and a couple before it is still forming part of this challenge, some might say that it is overboard, but the really overboard part is as follows: This blog post is a post about a post, about a post, about a post, about a post, about a post. It has come to a point where it was worth my while to copy paste those and that is what I would call overboard. I must admit that the post that this is in direct reply (