No Game Pain

So the other day I experienced pain so bad that for the first time in my adult life I cried due to physical pain.

First things first, it was just my feet that got very cold and then I tried to warm them up in the shower. I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like it. At first I thought I could grin and bear it, then I was clenching my teeth and it just kept on getting worse and worse until there was no other option but to cry about it and that didn't even help. What on earth are you supposed to do in this situation?

Crying about it is also maybe an exaggeration of what actually happened, it was more of a wail, but there were real tears.

Up to that point I'd obviously known that it is possible to cry when something is really painful, but just thought that either people were wimps or I'd just never experienced pain like that, turns out it was the latter. It has also given me a good reference point for what is a lot of pain, i.e. I'm trying to see this as a positive and now I know, that stubbing your toe, or slamming your fingers in the door are all actually things to shake off, and that in the real world there is pain that exists, that will literally make you cry and put everything else into perspective.

Be Painfully Aware.