Night Running

So it is like night swimming but also not at all.
So the other day I got a bit distracted and the next thing I knew I wanted to go for a run and it was dark. Hmm, can one go running in the dark- turns out you can and it is awesome! The fact that is was raining a little was just some added awesomeness but that is neither here nor there.
So night running also became really fun in certain streets where the street lights weren't working. It is, it turns out, a little tricky to run when you can't see the road, or lack thereof, in front of you. I also got a little lots, which in my book is like exploring (Upcoming post about this...) and by the time I got home I was well and truly exhausted.
So in summary, go for a run, at night, in the rain... it is dark, wet and tiring and buckets of fun.
Be Running