So there I was, as happens on a Friday afternoon, sitting in my office, with my supervisor and some other people from the office all discussing stuff. This was not just idle chit chat, this was real world problems that were being discusses and mulled over.So moulds... We have been told our whole life that you need to go to varsity and get a degree and get a job and get married and and and and... We are being moulded, take it even a step further back, it all starts when we have to colour a picture and stay between the lines. From a very young age we are told to do thing a certain way. Draw a picture on this piece of paper, and don't draw on the table. (Aside: A friend of mine drew on her table and it looks awesome!) It is time for society to start breaking the mould and getting some freedom. Not the normal kind of freedom that comes by some political means, I mean the freedom that comes from not being in a mould, not having a 9-5 job and earning a salary. I honestly believe that that people starting the successful companies in the world all had to break the mould at some point. They started in their garage (Aside again: All good things start in a garage) and broke the mould. Now I am not for an instant promoting starting your own big company, I am promoting freedom, freedom from the mould and to do what some said was impossible. People in the mould will be the ones saying it is impossible. They will pull you back into the mould and they will win most times because they have the rest of society in the mould with them. Original thoughts, ideas and general awesomeness does not come from the mould. They come from colouring on the wall, on the table and on the window. From drawing a window on a window and seeing the world in your own special way.This is a rant and a rant that needs to be ranted some more. I watched a video this afternoon too and I suggest that you do too if you are still with me. It is by Sir Ken Robinson and called Bring on the learning revolution. Firstly, I don't think people in the mould get to become a sir and secondly this video is not the only reason for this post. It has been growing for a while and positivity is no longer all that is needed.I finish off by leaving you with a thought, that hopefully provokes a thought: Freedom comes at a price, what are you NOT willing to pay?Be