Lost Plot

You know that moment when you loose the plot, kinda like when mommy starts hitting daddy at the dinner table... wait no, that's not it. Um when you bought a piece of land a long time ago that wasn't big enough to be called a farm but wasn't in the city and now you've gone looking for it and can't find it... no, that is losing a different plot. How about when you are doing your final year thesis and you are making a poster for it and on it there is a graph, to be more precise, a plot of... you get where this is going.
In their own rights each of these situations lost the plot in a way as they were not accurate descriptions on what loosing the plot actually is and thus they could be seen as loosing the plot whilst trying to describe loosing the plot.
If you've lost the plot of this post, fear not as it is close... wow, my first unintentional rhyme in a post, may there be many more (Still holding out for that elusive pun).
So the plot of the post. Recently, in what is fast becoming an amazing duel of literary creativeness, my blog was dissed. It was bound to happen but at least it was done backhandedly and creatively so I must commend the writer. People say that this writer may have lost the plot in dissing the great
rexfuzzle.com, about a post, about a post, about a post, about a post about a post about a post which is where the plot has most definitely been lost.
Fear not as the new plot (Yes Please, twice in one post) had been found as this is to diss anomalies and oddness (Promise I didn't plan that).
Be Plotting
P.S. This by no means means that the posts without a plot should be stopped (Oh yes I did) as this would mean the end of many posts... Onwards!