It Takes A Big Man

So the other day I went to see someone. I honestly feel for some people and the job that they have. They have to come in every day and do the same thing that they've been doing for the last 20 years and nothing much has changed, except the emails that get forwarded.Anyway, there I was, come to see a man about some medial admin stuff. I knock on the door and it is like there is a big yellow road barrier in the room between us and he is pushing it to the door. To be blunt, he was rude and obviously so. I was sort of expecting it as one tends to do when going to visit such people what I was not expecting was 5min when we'd done the medial admin he apologised. Seriously, a 60 odd year old man who has no reason to said that he was sorry for being rude when I walked in. That caught me off guard. I try to keep positive but some things I thought we lost causes, apparently not and thus I am apparently not being positive enough.Well, I would like to say that there is most definitely hope for humanity and that is certainly something to be positive about.Be Apologising