I think somebody tried to mug me...

So there I was, walking up the road, hands in my pockets, minding my own business. This is typical of a Sunday evening by the way, but anyway. A block previously I'd walked past a guy standing on the side of the road, and it looked like he was minding his own business, but turns out he wasn't. Next thing I know he's caught up to me and then he's walking next to me... Hmm, I'd always wandered how people get mugged... Anyway, so it starts off with a normal greeting and general lack of response from my side. The exchange continued to go normally as the guy asked for some money, to which I said I didn't have any, which was entirely true at that moment. Now this is where the mugging started I believe. My hards were still in my pocket and he started trying to get his hand in there too. This was a bit odd, so I started paying a bit more attention and looked at the guy with a what are you doing face. He then proceeds to tell me he didn't want to fight and I was thinking that that suited me perfectly and kept walking. So did he though and kept persisting on trying to fit his hand in my pocket which was never going to happen as my pants were quite tight that day and my hand was already in my pocket, something which seemed to be beyond him.
Long story short, he gave up and walked of in the other direction and I just kept on walking. I could go on about how I feel lucky to be alive etc etc, but I think I'll just pen it down as an odd situation and be on the lookout for the guy in the future. Also, I will keep on going to gym.
Be Walking?