I Don't Believe in Lightning

Well the title was easy, now I have to try and explain this without being too scientific whilst still being convincing- should be interesting.People are wussies (I hope I'm allowed to say that). You're busy having an amazing game of whatever and there is a dark could in the sky and CRISIS!!! Lightning!!!! Tut Tut, seriously, you're scared. Let us consider a few things:1. If you can count to three after seeing the lightning to when you hear the thunder the storm is more than 1km away- true story!2. Take a look around. Are you sticking out like a sore thumb? Are you the tallest thing around? Is there not a large steel pole close to you? If you answered yes to any of these then I might suggest you run, especially if you can't tell which piece of lightning produced which thunder sound, otherwise, chill out!Ok, maybe I miss spoke- I do believe in lightning. I also believe that people freak out about stuff that they have less chance of being hit by than driving home from school.Rant-OffI am sorry.I think mother nature has exacted her revenge- I am stuck at work on my bicycle- it is raining.Be Risking-The-Biscuit!