i Complex

Well hello there. This post might take a little bit of explaining, but please stick with me and you might just learn something. In maths there is such as thing as a complex number. This involves a square root of a negative number. The point is that ironically a complex number is denoted by the letter i.With the maths lesson over let us continue. I am complex, just as i is complex. My point is that I have been on this piece of rock for 20 odd years and over that time I may have tried to simplify my life as much as possible but we cannot deny that experience makes us more and more complex, hence we become more like i. By that logic I would like to propose that with experience we become more of an individual and this means that in a conversation you can say I and it is you the individual talking, no longer just ideas that you heard elsewhere, bur your own personal point of view which at times may be very i.I like being i and that is what makes me me.Be i