I can do anything

Sometimes in my life I have these moments where I am sitting around thinking I can do anything. Not in the strip down and streak type sense but more in the world is at my feet and I just need to take the first step.
I find that this feeling is often brought on by listening to certain music, in this specific case it is the gladiator soundtrack. In actual fact it is often Hans Zimmer that brings on these feelings but there are others. It is actually very profound how music can have such an effect on your emotions. If I was ever to be a general I think the most important thing would be to play some inspiring music to get everybody psyched up and ready for battle. Well that would help plus maybe they would have images of gladiator or something equally awesome in their mind as they are slaying zombies or other undead. Yes, that might have been an interesting example but it goes for many things, coaches especially. I am also going to test out this theory for my next exam. My pen is my sword!
So how do I get a theory out of this all? Well, there is currently an advert on TV to do with emotions and investing and how when emotion is in charge reason isn't. So where does that lead us? Let us say that the OST of Gladiator is an emotive soundtrack, but for reason to prevail, emotion should not be a factor. My theory is however that certain emotions are bad and it is a bad generalisation to group them all into one. Going into battle for instance would not be a good time for reason to prevail as you could quite possibly run away. Similarly, if you are standing on the edge of a building contemplating weather to jump or not, inspiring emotion might not be the best idea, especially if it has the words fly in it somewhere…
I think the main point is that music had evolved to such a point that we could use it to govern our emotions and thus use it as a tool for altering our mental state to a certain extent.
Just a by the way: Listening to the Gladiator inspired me to write about it. Is it evident? Is it evident that I switched soundtracks somewhere in this post?
Be Emotional