Hello Darkness My Old Friend

So here I sit once again and my oh my, it has been a while- crisis. Anyway, the blog is going to make it and that would entail me blogging a bit, so it is, as I said, once again.
I would like to apologise for the absence of posts and I don't even have a slightly decent excuse so I won't offer one, plus it is my blog, so my rules. The advantages of having your own blog is suddenly very apparent. I will however say that a lot has happened in the time since my last post and so I though the best way to summarise some of it would be some photos.
Oh, and a couple of random quotes or piece of supposed wisdom:
"It's all fun and games until it gets cold and starts raining"
"We may all have an uncle in the furniture business"
"We should just choose somebody we are attracted to and make the rest work"
Anyway, that about does it for now.
Be Cool