Getting Lost

I would like to be bold (Post coming about this soon) and redefine getting lost as merely exploring. I must also admit that this idea was given to me by a good friend, Kelsey, so thanks, you're cool.Anyway, so I would like to not just be bold but also try and explain myself a little, so here goes. There are a number of people in history, thinking specifically about the original explorers, those that discovered other continents, that only made their discoveries due to the fact that they were in fact very lost. I mean you just have to look at the physical location of the West Indies to know that Columbus was very lost, in fact on a scale of 1 to on the other side of the earth he was on the other side of the earth lost. He was actually so lost he didn't even know how far off he was and thus the names of those islands shall forever be an issue for geography teachers.Now, weather or not it is a good thing to be getting lost and decide that you are actually exploring is an entirely separate issue but keeping with the general positivity vibe it would most definitely be and thus I look forward to getting lost again soon (Hopefully not in Hillbrow at 1am this time)Be Lost