Fighting Fire with Fire

So this all started with a late night random conversation with a friend. The idea has supposedly been tested on myth busters and that is that is it possible to extinguish a fire with sound waves. Now by using a bit of imagination the question can be asked: "What song would be the best to play to put the fire out.My list looks as follows and is in no particular order:1. Sean Kingston- Fire Burning2. The Scissor Sisters- Fire with Fire3. Katy Perry- Firework4. Black Veil Brides- Set the World on Fire5. Adele- Set Fire to the Rain6. Billy Joel- We Didn't Start the Fire7. Kings of Leon- Sex on Fire8. Plush- Sky Fire9. Johnny Cash- Ring of FireSaving the best for last and obvious choice to me is:10. Plush- Damn the FireAnyways, by the looks of thing the fire fighting music shouldn't be a problem and everybody can break it down while doing it.Be Cool!