Festive Future

Wow, so it is that time of the year again already. It is always amazing how times seems to have flown by when you suddenly get to the festive season and look back at the year. I don't think I have ever had a year when I haven't looked back and said wow, that year was long and drawn out. Yes there may be bits and piece that seem to have taken their time, but as a whole the years just keep on rolling. The question is though, is it a bad thing?
Now I should point in this post I have no clue where it is headed so be warned. Anyway, disclaiming done, is it a bad thing. Well my best guess is that it depends on how you feel when you look back over a year. The average person might ask, I am happy? Now this is a good question to ask if your goal in life is to be happy. Maybe the question should be weater you have achieved your goal, assuming that you have such things. The natural assumption then in that it would be a good year if you have achieved your goal. If you're in any way like me, there may have been some new years resolutions and the like and they may have lasted some time but in terms of the big picture stuff like goals there isn't much then maybe for an average Jo (Grant in this case) being happy is very good question to ask.
So, this raises the question, are/were you happy? This in turn raises the question, how do you decide if you are/were happy for a period of, in this case, a year as I find it very hard to believe that at every point during the year you were happy. Do you average it out and say well the good times outweigh the bad and therefor I am/was happy? Or maybe you say, well I ended the year on a high and how can I not be happy cause of that? Naturally at some point you're going to, as I am now, question what is being happy all about?
Well, now it feels like I've come full circle cause to me happiness is christmas time. It is the friends, family, holiday and just general good spirit of the people around. People wear hats, stupid red awesome ones, people sing, people dance, there is no other time of the year quite like it and to me it is quite a good definition of happiness.
So in closing, think about the year, think about the festive season and then say i don't care what this year has been like, i want to whole of my year next year to be like a festive season, all jolly and merry.
Be Happy
P.S. If your festive time sucks, let me know and I'll try my bestest to help you out.