My name is Grant Stephens and sometimes I fail. Most recently at a choral audition. It really sucks. I mean it is by no means the end of the world and there are certainly worse things that have happened out there, but in that moment all you can think about it how you have failed and how much it hurts.

I'm sure there are similar steps for failure as there are for grief, something like denial, acceptance, anger, bargaining and depression but I think there is a big one missing for failure and that is learning from it. The problem is that society does not expect that. There seems to be a stigma around talking about our failures and when we can't talk about them, how are we supposed to learn from them.

So I guess this is a first step in changing that- I want to talk about my failures as I think that is how I can grow from them. So this is the start- admitting a time when I failed and acknowledging that it hurt and still does.

Be Failing