So when stuff happens, or to be crude and use the expression- "When Sh*t Happens" I find myself with no way of dealing with it. I feel like punching a wall, no, wait, shouting, no, running, ok a little, maybe hurting something, hmmm, what about getting drunk, maybe, or going to the gym, still not quite there, how about reading, nope def none of the above, somehow just don't feel like me. Now before you hit back and think that this blog is all about me and my ego and my problems, just hang on. I have decided that how you deal with stuff is part of your "deal". Typing that out made it seems super obvious, but there is more to it than that I think.Ok, so I remember a TV program where an older guy asked a 16 year old what his deal was and the kid was like- I'm 16, i don't think I have a deal. Anyway, always had me thinking since then- what is my deal and what is the person I'm talking to's deal?In this specific case, how do we deal with things when things aren't going quite to plan? I just don't know, in this case I blogged about it, but the wall in front of me is still looking ripe for a punching, so maybe blogging just isn't my way of dealing. An important observation is to ensure that you don't get more frustrated or angry just because you don't know how to deal cause that is a little counter-intuitive.At this stage all I can do is wish all of us without dealing ways the best of luck, that being said if you looking for a way of dealing luck most probably isn't going your way right now. Wow, pessimistic much?Be Dealing