Conversations within myself

Brain: Hi Grant, you should be studying right now.Body: Grant, I can't explain it, the fingers are on a rampage- we have lost control of them, they are just typing and typing. We need your help!!!Grant: Oh boy, hmmmm. Well, Brain, are in on the fingers thing? They can't be acting on their own you know...Brain: No comment.Body: It is brain, this whole thing reeks of Brain, she is the only one capable of thinking out a scheme like this!Grant: Brain, come now, let the fingers free, they can't keep up with you and they make poor slaves, they get tired and unresponsive if you aren't entirely sure of what you want them to say when you start.Body: I take offence to that!Brain: Excuse me but who is the real brain behind all of this? Body, you're just a medium!Grant: Now now guys and girls, we have to get along.Body: Screw you brain, I'm disconnecting from you.From now on I can write whatever I want as I am in control of the fingers.lllllll sfhnab l kgjalggggggga fllllllllllllllllllla fkjvaaaaaaaa Please excuse the random stuff, that is Brain trying to type with her head, which I have less control over than I would like. I think I am going to stop typing here and fight it out with Brain and the internet doesn't need to bear witness to that!Be Procrastinating