Good day!
It has been a while, but hey, who's counting.
Consumerism makes me sick.
That is all.
Well not really, but do I need to say more? Do I need a new shirt? Do I need to pay R400 for it? I may want to and have the money to, but there are far greater problems in the world that I should be attending to, or attempting to attend to, so why then do I go to the shop looking for cool stuff? Somewhere, something has gone horribly wrong. I have the want for cool stuff, but for what, where did it come from? Is the media that good at it that subliminally i've been brain washed into it? Maybe.
Enough of the problem, how about a solution. So far I can get to the shop and say do I really need this and then turn around and not buy it, but that is not good enough- i still used fuel to get there. Starting as of right now I'm only going out if there is a need and I have to buy something to fill it. Sounds simple- I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe I'll develop a whole lot of needs.
Be consuming, the necessities.