Bloggers Block

So one inevitably comes to that time when the cursor starts to blink and no letters are appearing. Sometimes one has something to say and just forgets or doesn't know how to put it into words. On other occasions one thinks that the words will spontaneously start to appear and the blog post will be awesome.Don't get me wrong, this may or may not be a post about nothing in particular besides the inability to blog but the point stands what does one write about when one has nothing in particular to say. It is also particularly frustrating when one thought of stuff to write about while it was happening and the the cursor is suddenly blinking at you and you have no clue how to stop it.It is actually kinda teasing... it just blinks and blinks, can constant reminder that there is no input coming from the keyboard. One might be interested to note that the cursor does stop blinking while the keys are being pressed which kinda just proves the teasing point.Anyways, referring to people as one is annoying and I will thus revert to you.Don't blink