Blog Back

So here we are- the blog is back! Yay!
It may have taken a while and the layout is certainly not perfect, but its back and it even has all the old posts. This was no small feat, but its all there.
Much has changed in the past few years (The last blog entry was in 2014) and I will share as needed. The work that I am currently doing involves a large amount of coding and so fixing the blog to a new faster thing was certainly due and with some new skills was certainly possible.
One thing that should be quite cool is the number of photos that I now have stored up and ready to use, so look out for some of those and I look forward to sharing them with you. I am living in a place that has a large number of mountains to climb and have been quite busy with that so the photos will mostly be that, but the usual sunsets and so forth should also make an apprearance here and there.
I am also typing this from a new keyboard. This may seem like a small and in consequencial thing but this particular keyboard is rather different as it is mechanical and quite loud, but also a lot of fun. i can't quite explain that but there is something slightly primal about hearing the keys you are hitting and getting a very satisfying click from them.
Anyway, I fear that may be enough rambling for the time being. I for one however am very glad to be back.
Be Back