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Make a difference

Ok, so I want to make a difference and I also want you to make a difference, so here is your chance. You can get $25 for free to loan to somebody and then when they pay you back which happens 98% of the time you get to loan it to somebody else. All it takes is a little effort on your part, come on, do it!
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photo Lesotho

Katse Sunset

Katse Sunset

So we recently took a little trip to the Kingdom in the Mountains, aka Lesotho and this is a picture of the sunset over Katse dam. I'm not going to kid around, there was quite a bit of editing done on this one.
Be Good
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photo Lesotho sunset

It Takes A Big Man

So the other day I went to see someone. I honestly feel for some people and the job that they have. They have to come in every day and do the same thing that they've been doing for the last 20 years and nothing much has changed, except the emails that get forwarded.
Anyway, there I was, come to see a man about some medial admin stuff. I knock on the door and it is like there is a big yellow road barrier in the room between us and he is pushing it to the door. To be blunt, he was rude and obviously so. I was sort of expecting it as one tends to do when going to visit such people what I was not expecting was 5min when we'd done the medial admin he apologised. Seriously, a 60 odd year old man who has no reason to said that he was sorry for being rude when I walked in. That caught me off guard. I try to keep positive but some things I thought we lost causes, apparently not and thus I am apparently not being positive enough.
Well, I would like to say that there is most definitely hope for humanity and that is certainly something to be positive about.

Be Apologising

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That's What You Think

So yesterday I had plans, I had dreams. It was going to be a productive day and I was going to get stuff done. What happened?

Well, I got stuff done, but not the stuff I wanted to be getting done, not even a little bit. I ended up in the lab building stuff. That was not expected! Anyway, so what is the point? Well it just reminded me once again (It happens often) that the old saying is true: "Life is what happens when you're making other plans."
This was proven once again when my morning run was rudely postponed indefinitely due to rain, haha, that'll teach me for trying to get fit.
On a side note, anybody know how much a fine is from the library?
Be Changing Your Plans

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Good Morning

Good Morning! Wow, so nothing special to report just that it feels like an amazing day and somehow all fresh and full of possibilities. Then again all days are, but somehow this one feels particularly so.
I do think that it might have something to do with me having toast for breakfast this morning and that could make all the difference. I am going to quote my friend Ally in a way and say: "Let's make a toast"
Be Making Toast

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"I'm Just Better Than You!"

So every now and then you do something and you are able to walk round and look at everybody and say- I'm just better than you. You have never met these people or don't know them but somehow you've just beaten them.
Most mornings this happens when I cycle past people sitting in traffic. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. It is also a slight downhill so I don't even have to pedal and I pass at least 50 cars in the few hundred meters to campus every morning. Every car I pass is me going' I'm just better than you and I don't care if this gives me a bit of a big head, it is worth it every time. A line from a movie is in my head right now and seems relevant: "Appreciate the little things"
Be Appreciative

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