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I can do anything

Sometimes in my life I have these moments where I am sitting around thinking I can do anything. Not in the strip down and streak type sense but more in the world is at my feet and I just need to take the first step.
I find that this feeling is often brought on by listening to certain music, in this specific case it is the gladiator soundtrack. In actual fact it is often Hans Zimmer that brings on these feelings but there are others. It is actually very profound how music can have such an effect on your emotions. If I was ever to be a general I think the most important thing would be to play some inspiring music to get everybody psyched up and ready for battle. Well that would help plus maybe they would have images of gladiator or something equally awesome in their mind as they are slaying zombies or other undead. Yes, that might have been an interesting example but it goes for many things, coaches especially. I am also going to test out this theory for my next exam. My pen is my sword!
So how do I get a theory out of this all? Well, there is currently an advert on TV to do with emotions and investing and how when emotion is in charge reason isn't. So where does that lead us? Let us say that the OST of Gladiator is an emotive soundtrack, but for reason to prevail, emotion should not be a factor. My theory is however that certain emotions are bad and it is a bad generalisation to group them all into one. Going into battle for instance would not be a good time for reason to prevail as you could quite possibly run away. Similarly, if you are standing on the edge of a building contemplating weather to jump or not, inspiring emotion might not be the best idea, especially if it has the words fly in it somewhere…
I think the main point is that music had evolved to such a point that we could use it to govern our emotions and thus use it as a tool for altering our mental state to a certain extent.
Just a by the way: Listening to the Gladiator inspired me to write about it. Is it evident? Is it evident that I switched soundtracks somewhere in this post?
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positivity awkward moment

Conversations within myself

Brain: Hi Grant, you should be studying right now.
Body: Grant, I can't explain it, the fingers are on a rampage- we have lost control of them, they are just typing and typing. We need your help!!!
Grant: Oh boy, hmmmm. Well, Brain, are in on the fingers thing? They can't be acting on their own you know...
Brain: No comment.
Body: It is brain, this whole thing reeks of Brain, she is the only one capable of thinking out a scheme like this!
Grant: Brain, come now, let the fingers free, they can't keep up with you and they make poor slaves, they get tired and unresponsive if you aren't entirely sure of what you want them to say when you start.
Body: I take offence to that!
Brain: Excuse me but who is the real brain behind all of this? Body, you're just a medium!
Grant: Now now guys and girls, we have to get along.
Body: Screw you brain, I'm disconnecting from you.
From now on I can write whatever I want as I am in control of the fingers.
lllllll sfhnab l kgjalggggggga fllllllllllllllllllla fkjvaaaaaaaa
Please excuse the random stuff, that is Brain trying to type with her head, which I have less control over than I would like. I think I am going to stop typing here and fight it out with Brain and the internet doesn't need to bear witness to that!
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body conversations


Passion is lacking in the world of today. Petitions and rallies and such are things that are done by extremists, not by you and me. Reason?
Well various, one being moulds, as discussed in the last post, but basically we are put into a life where society thinks is the right place for us. Another, plain laziness. Seriously, people would far rather get home and watch the big black box and be mindless that actually engage in something.
I could go on, but it is depressing me and like the song says, ain't nothing going to bring me down. Fact is, we need to find our passions. You'll know you've found it when and hour feels like 5min and you are wandering where all your time when, but you know that you were having fun! Just imagine your whole life was like that! It feels like I am writing a lot of stuff about what should but done, but very little on how to do it. Do not fear, I plan to rectify that as soon as I've figured it out, but for now, try it and if you figure it out, tell others how you did and pay it forward!
Be Passionate

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passion mould


So there I was, as happens on a Friday afternoon, sitting in my office, with my supervisor and some other people from the office all discussing stuff. This was not just idle chit chat, this was real world problems that were being discusses and mulled over.
So moulds... We have been told our whole life that you need to go to varsity and get a degree and get a job and get married and and and and... We are being moulded, take it even a step further back, it all starts when we have to colour a picture and stay between the lines. From a very young age we are told to do thing a certain way. Draw a picture on this piece of paper, and don't draw on the table. (Aside: A friend of mine drew on her table and it looks awesome!) It is time for society to start breaking the mould and getting some freedom. Not the normal kind of freedom that comes by some political means, I mean the freedom that comes from not being in a mould, not having a 9-5 job and earning a salary.
I honestly believe that that people starting the successful companies in the world all had to break the mould at some point. They started in their garage (Aside again: All good things start in a garage) and broke the mould. Now I am not for an instant promoting starting your own big company, I am promoting freedom, freedom from the mould and to do what some said was impossible.
People in the mould will be the ones saying it is impossible. They will pull you back into the mould and they will win most times because they have the rest of society in the mould with them. Original thoughts, ideas and general awesomeness does not come from the mould. They come from colouring on the wall, on the table and on the window. From drawing a window on a window and seeing the world in your own special way.
This is a rant and a rant that needs to be ranted some more. I watched a video this afternoon too and I suggest that you do too if you are still with me. It is by Sir Ken Robinson and called Bring on the learning revolution. Firstly, I don't think people in the mould get to become a sir and secondly this video is not the only reason for this post. It has been growing for a while and positivity is no longer all that is needed.
I finish off by leaving you with a thought, that hopefully provokes a thought: Freedom comes at a price, what are you NOT willing to pay?

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That moment when you nearly blog

So I had nearly finished a blog and pushed the little publish button when I realized that I was still half asleep and should probably not be blogging. So this is me, trying again, this time not making any wild assumptions or jumping to conclusions too quickly.
While I am at it I should explain that I have been super busy and not with anything that is particularly blog worthy and hence it has been taking a bit of a back seat. I do however keep telling myself that one day, when I'm grown up I won't be able to neglect my blog like this, but for now I can accept it, though not happily.
In the mean time, be calm and know that everything will be ok. Also know that ok is a very relative term and very close to ko, which is the exact opposite of ok, but for some people it would be more apt.

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So it's cold...

So where I live it is now winter and cold. Many people moan... sigh. I've made a list of things to be positive about it cold weather:

  1. You can wear more of your favourite clothes at once
  2. Snuggling doesn't get sweaty
  3. You can make a fire to keep warm and it adds atmosphere
  4. The possibility of snow is increased
  5. Ice cream lasts longer
  6. You can leave stuff outside as it isn't going to rain, except in the case of point 4.
  7. The nights are longer, i.e. the days feel shorter, i.e. feels like you're at work less.
  8. The moon is particularly large, well actually this has nothing to do with winter but it is very cool
  9. Slippers
  10. Every day is closer to spring and summer.
So there it is. I might have to go to Lesotho to find some point 4. FYI point 5 has been proven to make you warmer before you moan at me. The big point is positivity! Oh Yeah!

Be Glad to be Cold

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positivity winter

Why do bloggers blog?

I have wondered this point many a time with no real conclusions. I do not for example think that I have something that I believe the whole world should read this instant (Twitter perhaps?) and it is certainly not for the money since there isn't any.

Maybe we all believe that one day our blog will become great and and famous and then it'll be our breakthrough and we'll write a book and that will make money too and then a series of movies on our life and and and. No, if I believed that for one second I might have to do some actual work and post some meaningful stuff. So where does that leave us?

Well, so far I have stereotyped like a boss and said that all bloggers are the same and that right there is exactly why I blog. I believe that I am unique, just like everybody else, but that my uniqueness is somehow expressed in my blog and maybe, somebody who is possible similarly unique to me might find it interesting and enjoy reading it. If someone enjoys reading my blog then that is a win in my book(blog).

So I hope you enjoy reading it, and if you don't blog about it and express it in your unique way and maybe somebody will enjoy that and then it is a win in your blog for me. Ja.
Be Blogging

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