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Hello Mongolia

Greetings from Ger number 21, Guru Camp, Terelj bridge region, somewhere outside Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Firstly, wow, what a place, it is traditional and full of words like respect and so on. It is also very rural in places and the views are spectacular. Locals are friendly and give you fermented horse milk to drink, which as it turns out is rude to not accept and after a while isn't that bad. Tastes slightly like ginger beer. Oh I also climbed tortoise rock, which if you think about how a tortoise looks was not that easy and is also not something that would happen in countries with health and safety laws.
Anyway, moving on by train again tonight but I do feel that move time is needed here. Possibly including motorbikes and some better mongolian...
Be Monking
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Hello China

Well well well, it's super hot and humid and there are loads and loads of people! Seriously there are tonnes of them!
Oh, and this picture doesn't do what is going on justice... The Scorpions are alive. Yes they are on the stick and kicking and we'll if they could scream I'm sure they'd be doing that.
Wow and well there is just so much stuff that is just so completely different! Like alley ways and small shops that sell fans, sweets, lasers and just about anything you can imagine! It is a whole new world.
Be Brave
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Hello Dubai

Wow, so here I sit. On the flight in I saw the tallest bulding in the world and now I am chilling and waiting for my next flight. Yes this one is only a stop over but I'll be back. Anyway, what am I doing here you may be asking, well I am taking a bit of a trip. stay reading to see how it unfolds but I reckon this is a pretty good way to celebrate 100 posts... haha. Well all I can say for sure is that it all feels very very big and I am super super excited. On the exact opposite note I think that there is alot wrong with this world and seeing things today just made me realize it even more today. Ok, enough for now, I'll try describe it more with something that has spell check.
Be Traveling
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99 Re(a)d posts...

So believe it or not this is the 99th post on my humble blog.

Firstly, thank you for still being here and reading... I think that is what you are doing here...
Secondly, for interest sakes the 3 most read posts are:
Well this is awkward... was not expecting that. Also there have been over 2500 views of the blog- Crisis!
Anyway, thank you once again, it is an honour to be sharing my thoughts with you.
Lastly, the 100th post will be from somewhere special...
Be Ready!

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awesome awkward moment pride

Joy vs Happiness

After having this title saved in my list of posts that hasn't been published for a very long time I have come to a conclusion- It is different for everybody and me tell you my joy does not make that your joy and similarly for happiness.

So what is the point of this post then? Well it is there to be thought provoking, so go think about it...
Think some more...
Write something down...
Be forming-an-option

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happiness joy


You ever had one of those moments where you suddenly rethought everything in your whole life up to that point? Hmm, well in the last while I've been having a number of those and I don't know what to make of them.
I am really concerned that the happen because my view of life up until that point has been rather closed and "secluded" and it has taken an outlandish statement or some brutal honesty from someone to make me rethink it. Without trying to sound too vain I've always tried to consider myself quite openminded and yet somehow things can still catch me completely unawares.
On the plus side it means that I can still learn something and be challenged in certain areas. Ok, but that is enough about me, now i somehow have to bring this back to you, my faithful blog reader, whoever you are. I guess what this means is that I have to share how i have learnt something from all of this and I think that learning is exactly the crux of the matter. We must never shut down our brains and decide that we have learnt everything that life has to offer, basically be willing to let it teach you something.
Be open...minded

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changing plans

It is wrong to make mistakes

Teacher asks question.
Hand goes up.
Student gives answer.
Teacher says no.
Later, teacher asks question again.
Student doesn't attempt to answer.
Creativity dies a little bit.

That is it, we are taught to not make mistakes, it is wrong. There is only one right answer… seriously! I believe that laziness is the cause hereof. Firstly, it is much much easier to mark something where there is only one right answer. It is much easier to give marks depending on the right answers. Now that is all good and well, but how do we, who are grown ups do something to change that? For the most part we might think that we have given all the right answers and it is now the time when we are cashing in on all these right answers. Some of us might say that it is too late… Tut tut!
The whole thing reminds me of something Thomas Edison said whilst being interviewed after failing for the 1000th time in making a light bulb: "Well, now we know 1000 ways how not to make a light bulb." Our wrong answers aren't always wrong, there is some positive behind them, the thing is to learn from them and I think if you are not learning from them then they are wrong.
Be Wrong

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