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Minuses and Plusses

So sometimes in life the difference between quadratic convergence and not it a minus. This can cause long weekends worth of work, but at the end of the day you get to go home and sleep, well sometimes anyway. Sometimes you log onto your blog and see that you have exactly 3001 page views and well, suddenly a wonderful phrase comes to mind:
Hakuna Matata.
So this is me, having and awesome day, somehow, and loving the fact that there is so much in this world that I am still very much utterly useless at, but my program to quadratically converge using the complex step method is no longer one of them, well sort of.
Be Puzzled

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Whoop Whoop.
Before we even get started don't expect much from this post, in fact, don't expect anything at all.
So besides having the most awesome blog post name ever in the entire history of naming things what is this all about? You may well ask and let me tell you that sometimes things feel dull and sad and kinda miff, but then for no apparent reason things can turn around and everything looks awesome, kinda like taking the pill in the movie limitless, suddenly everything has colour and everything and anything is possible.
So how does one turn that corner? Hmmm, well looking for it certainly doesn't help that is for sure, but otherwise prepare for it. Starting thinking about how cool it will be when it happens and in so you doing might play a cruel trick on your sub-conscience and turn the corner. True story.
Now what has happened here is that I have tried to write a semi-serious blog post in a non-serious state of mind. While I'm at it I might as well call this a theory, so it is the turning the corner theory... or it could be renamed later.
Be Colouring-In

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theory awesome

And so it ends...

So here I sit, back in my office (Feels slightly cage-ish) and one of the most amazing experiences of my short life has come to an end. In a short summary, 7 countries, 24 days, 5 flights, 4 overnight trains, 2 ferries, and countless taxis, metros, busses and walks but last but certainly not least, cry-laughing (post comming), sunsets, sunrises, memories and spending time with somebody that is beyond awesome.
I started typing all in all, but I can't put it into an all in all, so it just was, kinda like beed but in the past tense.
Be Happy
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happiness train


I must apologise... But maybe it is like the song says- its too late? Anyway, none the less, etc, in the last week or so we have covered much distance from St Petersburg to Copenhagen stopping in Stockholm and Helsinki on the way, and now here I sit on my ace again in dubai which means that there have been around 7 countries in around 20 days... My mind is struggling to comprehend.
Enough of that though. The last couple of days have been truly magical with theme park rides (picture attached) and boats and bicycles. Not to mention planes, Danishes, bambi steaks and the list goes on. Awesome just doesn't seem to cut it and the only way to describe it adequately would be to write a book, but I feel it is self defeating as then you would be missing out on a whole lot of stuff... So that brings me to here, listening to Meleika in 37deg in villa 49, somewhere in Dubai. Somehow the trip is not yet over!
Be on the home stretch!

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Watching bridges...

So for some reason when I you are in St Petersburg the thing to do is to head off and watch a combination of the sun setting and bridge opening at just after midnight. This picture doesn't quite do it justice but it is rather special and pretty.
Anyway, Russia has come to an end and as I write this I am on a boat to Finland, in fact I can see Helsinki on the horizon.
Final note on Russia, well more like Europeans in general... They love taking pictures of themselves I am front of stuff. It is most curious, in fact as I write this I see European having their photo taken in front of a lift...? Maybe it's just me.
Be Posing

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More on Beijing

So today was a little frustrating, but I will try to give you the highlights. This building in the picture exists and it is awesome! Certainly not an average sky scraper. Secondly is the bicycles. Seriously, nine million was no understatement. They are everywhere. They are also super stealthy, they dodge cars and mostly battery powered so very little peddling gets done. There are even little face masks that you can get which makes it look like you have a really big cap on that has been blown over your eyes. I'll try get a photo but the stealth factor might be an issue.
Anyways, it has been a very long day and this tired traveler needs some serious shut eye to carry on at this pace.
Be riding

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When in Russia

They say that you should try new things in new countries, but I would like to challenge that... It is a bad idea, especially in Russia with strange drinks that look like the one in the picture. I still don't know what it is supposed to taste like but all I got was soy sauce and a honey after taste. Uncool!
Be Drinking weird stuff...

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