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Trains of Thought

So this is a post about a post about a post which was, you guessed it about a post... The one that this one is about is Here. Challenge taken, but creativity is needed for replies.
So if you are unable to board this train of thought then I am truly sorry and trying to explain it would make the train late so you're either on or off. With regards to tickets you will find that they're free, you just have to be following what is going on, simple, one would think.
Never the less, this may go on for a while as creativity should never run out.
Be Onboard

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Emotional Blank

Have you ever been feeling a certain way and it just feels like there are no words to adequately describe the feeling. It is almost like the words do not exist. Sure there are normal words like love, sad, happy, depressed and so on but sometimes, like right now I either don't know the words.
I'm going to describing the feeling a shot and if you can think of a word to sum it all up, let me know. It is somewhere between optimistic and scared, very proud and slightly overwhelmed, happy with a tiny hint of regret as well as love but definitely not the usual kind if ever there was such a thing. The feeling also includes a grin with a positive sigh.
Hmm, I might be asking for the impossible with that description and by getting the right word that could possible define my current state of being which is a little scary. Oh and never ask me to explain why i feel this way as the only way to explain it would be put you in my shoes for the last 20 odd years.
Be Peaceful

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So this is an extremely unique blog post (I hope the sarcasm is evident)- i am going to be blogging about a blog post, more specifically this one- Euphemisms
It is written by a friend of mine and she told me that she was doing something on euphemisms I didn't quite expect that, wow! Just made my day a little bit, particularly when she says something about the lift not going to the top floor, but that may be biased as I believe I sent that one to her.
Be Creative

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White Water

White Water Vaal
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Remembrance Day

So today is armistice day and if you don't know it is the day on which the second world war was stopped. It is also known as poppy day or remembrance day. This may be a strange point of view but to me this is a very important day. Without it we may not have been here at all. It should also serve as a solemn reminder of what is so wrong about war.
It is also an issue of honour, something which is not found very often these days. We need to honour the people who went before us as they are the reason we are here and in this case of soldiers people who have experienced things that we will hopefully never have to experience thanks to them. So at 11:00 today this will be posted as my reflection on the past and in some small way trying to honour those who went before us. I will hopefully try and find a last post that is being played somewhere and take a minute.
Have Honour

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So this is one might call a lot of photoshop and I'll admit there is some pretty heavy editing that has happened here but I like the result and hope you do too. I won't go into what has been done as I can't remember too well but I will say that it is a lavender flower (I think that is what it is called) and there are some in the now very blurred background.
Be purple?
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A blog post about irony:
Irony is making a typo on typo
It is saying "I don't believe in boobs" and having them
It is not a miniature iron

I love irony, and it is even better when the person who causes the irony doesn't catch it, often this is referred to as being irony impaired. Sometimes things aren't funny until someone pipes up and says "That's ironic"- I will call this humorous irony.
Upon googling irony it was found that google did not provide any results... well that would have been ironic but alas the world sometimes works the way it should and the usual sites popped up with their mundane definitions etc for the word.
Ending this blog post with irony would seem appropriate but not ironic and hence:
Blog posts should end with something relative to what they were about.
Be correct

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