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Nam Awesome

Nam Awesome

So I was recently in Namibia and this happened.
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Have you ever just beed?

I would like to add a new word, not that there aren't enough in the english language, but I kinda like this one a lot:

beed (verb, past tense)- The past tense of the verb be, ie. right now I can just be, but when i look back then i beed. Note, nothing to do with being stung by a bee, or the thing you thread onto something.
Ok that definition was definitely inadequate so let me try and define it a bit better. I was walking around campus and was most definitely in my happy place (Partly due to it being campus, but many many other reasons) and I was thinking, sometimes it is nice to just be. It is most definitely a mental state of being and not something that can be forced onto a person- you have to just experience it. So there I was waltzing around campus (In my head, the waltzing that is) and I was content and I just beed. It is past tense cause I am not beeding now as I am trying to to describe the state. The post is is probably more about the state of just just be but that is neither here nor there.
There is also a difference, although I can't quite put my finger on it between the just being and being in a state of be. I can say that I can just be and it has a definite end to it, whereas being is indefinite and already has the past tense of was. In my head that makes a lot more sense right now.
Anyway, more about beed or having been in a state of be. To completely describe how I got to that point would mean telling you every detail of the last few weeks which in turn means telling you most of the story of my life which would take as long as tell as it took to take place (happen). I have thus decided that it is a better idea to condense and simplify and so on. Some of you might remember a post called emotional blank (Here) and it is kinda like that but somehow completely different. Through some process you get to a point when and I have no clue why but it feels like you one a long smooth bend on a roller coaster. You are still very much in the middle of the ride and there is a lot of stuff that is still going to happen and a lot of chaos that has just passed (It is a roller coaster- chaos is a good thing) but this particular bend is smooth and you get to "stop" and smell the daisies. You still feel the gravity of the situation (The corner is making you pull (forgive the techno jargon) some G's) and people may still be screaming their heads of else where in the theme park but in that moment you can look out and appreciate the view, your mind seems completely at ease and you might even just relax for a second, in that moment you can be and then you will have beed.
Be Beed

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Not just Blogging for the Sake of Blogging

So here I sit trying to write a blog and all the while i'm thinking that I must not just blog for the sake of having a blog post for the day (Not that that is a mission) and I can't help but think that I have nothing to say.
This is therefor a bad time to blog cause everything that I am saying is totally forced and I don't like doing that at all. This got me thinking though, there are a lot of people that just blog for the sake of it and therefor there is a lot of junk out there. Some people just and up making posts about posts about posts and so the cycle keeps on going and you can only wander where the end is.
This is maybe how the internet ends up being kept alive- there are basically a very very limited number of thoughts and the rest are copies and adaptations and such and this results in a boring situation. In fact I have often found myself very bored with the world wide web right at my fingertips and nowhere to visit. This begs the question, where is the original content, who is making it and why aren't there more people being original?
They (The infamous for famous, depending on what "They've" done) say that there is a massive drop off in the creativity of people at the age of 6. This is when most people start going to school and that makes it s very scary statistic. Surely schools should be more focussed on channeling the creativity in some way, but alas I think that the rules just kill it. Dare I say it, but if you want to be an inventor or artists, don't go to school...
So somewhere around this point I would need to start making my point. I could have used this post at numberous points to diss anomalies, in saying that it isn't creative, or it blogs for the sake of blogging and so on and etc. But I have decided against it as I believe that there are more creative ways to vent our vendettas. Essentially this is a post about a post about a post about a post about a post about a post about a post about a post about a post (Specifically this one) and it is hopefully there to encourage some more creativity into future posts about posts.
Be Creative

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The Not You Theory

Ok, so I just came to another conclusion about dating which is weird since I have nothing to do with the dating world.

Anyway, so hopefully you've read the make friends not judgements theory (Here) and sort of understand it. It was mainly focussed on how you treat other people. This is where the revelation started, what about you? So you've judged someone, or tried hard not to and now suddenly you act differently depending on the judgement.
Say for example that you judge this person to be awesome and you want to get to know them, what do you automatically do- put your best foot forward. I'm not just talking about the stories that you conveniently but your actually personality. It is almost like you change a little bit to try to match up with that person. Naturally this is a huge generalisation, but before you write it off as such- think about it, do you act the same around a long time childhood friend (If you're blessed enough to have one) compared to somebody you've just met and compared to somebody you're trying not to judge too much? Maybe I'm just coming to this revelation myself and realising that I do it but thinking about it, I've seen some of my friends do it. It is especially relevant when there is only a group of guys and suddenly there is a girl around- everybody is a different person. It is not always a dramatic change like that, but sometimes just small little things like the comments that you make, how you laugh at stuff, what you laugh at and even the way you sit.
So by now you're either disagreeing completely which is cool and please tell me why, but if you're also going wow, I think I do that too then hopefully the point I'm about to make will give you something more to think about and why it is possibly something worth considering changing. How on earth do you expect to really ever get to know someone or have them get to know you when you're not you.
I realise that this might have sounded like I'm very two faced and could border on schizophrenia but I would like to reiterate that I don't think they are big changes that you're even notice that you're doing. It is the tiny mannerisms and things like that. You might ask how much these are altering your personality but if you're changing little things so easily you might change a little something else that is a bit bigger next time and so on and so on and before you know if you're 40 with two kids and not yourself.
Be Yourself

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Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset
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Lost Plot

You know that moment when you loose the plot, kinda like when mommy starts hitting daddy at the dinner table... wait no, that's not it. Um when you bought a piece of land a long time ago that wasn't big enough to be called a farm but wasn't in the city and now you've gone looking for it and can't find it... no, that is losing a different plot. How about when you are doing your final year thesis and you are making a poster for it and on it there is a graph, to be more precise, a plot of... you get where this is going.
In their own rights each of these situations lost the plot in a way as they were not accurate descriptions on what loosing the plot actually is and thus they could be seen as loosing the plot whilst trying to describe loosing the plot.
If you've lost the plot of this post, fear not as it is close... wow, my first unintentional rhyme in a post, may there be many more (Still holding out for that elusive pun).
So the plot of the post. Recently, in what is fast becoming an amazing duel of literary creativeness, my blog was dissed. It was bound to happen but at least it was done backhandedly and creatively so I must commend the writer. People say that this writer may have lost the plot in dissing the great but even that is not actually why this post has come into existence.
The fact of the matter is this: The is a post about a post (Here), about a post, about a post, about a post, about a post about a post about a post which is where the plot has most definitely been lost.
Fear not as the new plot (Yes Please, twice in one post) had been found as this is to diss anomalies and oddness (Promise I didn't plan that).

Be Plotting

P.S. This by no means means that the posts without a plot should be stopped (Oh yes I did) as this would mean the end of many posts... Onwards!

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Technically overboard means when something goes over the side of a ship, this is usually a bad thing unless that this was walking the plank.

These days plank walking has become less common and planking has taken its place and somehow in some cases the results have been similar (-10 for humanity advancing). Overboard on the other hand has come to mean going to ridiculous proportions or taking something too far or something along those lines, you catch my drift... Drifting, something you would do if you walked the plank. But I digress.
The point of this post, if ever there was one is to explain what overboard is exactly and what better way to do this than with an example. A fellow blogger friend recently challenged me and I don't take challenges lightly and this blog and a couple before it is still forming part of this challenge, some might say that it is overboard, but the really overboard part is as follows: This blog post is a post about a post, about a post, about a post, about a post, about a post. It has come to a point where it was worth my while to copy paste those and that is what I would call overboard. I must admit that the post that this is in direct reply (Link) is rather awesome and kudos to the writer.
Be Overboard
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