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You know those little victories that you have? Well today I had one. Now I can't tell you what it is cause that is not what this is about. This post is about the things we do that mean a lot to us in our head and nobody else would ever comprehend the scale of how much it means to us.
They are those little challenges or problems or whatever that have been bugging you and you have been meaning to fix or complete. It is such a personal thing cause you know that to anybody else it wouldn't mean anything or it wouldn't be something that bugs them but to you, oh boy, it is a BIG deal.
Suddenly it is done and you're left thinking wow, Í did that with a lot of emphasis on the I. Now there is most certainly some higher power that helped you out but the point is that no other human being had any effect on the victory, unless your goal was murdering someone who did you wrong in which case I think you need help and possibly a lawyer.
Anyway, here I sit in the euphoria of completing my own little personal goal and nobody can take it away from me. Sure other people may have done it before and other will still do it, but for now, with the endorphins pulsating through me I can honestly say I don't care.
Be Victorious

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Sun Pier

Sun Pier
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Festive Future

Wow, so it is that time of the year again already. It is always amazing how times seems to have flown by when you suddenly get to the festive season and look back at the year. I don't think I have ever had a year when I haven't looked back and said wow, that year was long and drawn out. Yes there may be bits and piece that seem to have taken their time, but as a whole the years just keep on rolling. The question is though, is it a bad thing?
Now I should point in this post I have no clue where it is headed so be warned. Anyway, disclaiming done, is it a bad thing. Well my best guess is that it depends on how you feel when you look back over a year. The average person might ask, I am happy? Now this is a good question to ask if your goal in life is to be happy. Maybe the question should be weater you have achieved your goal, assuming that you have such things. The natural assumption then in that it would be a good year if you have achieved your goal. If you're in any way like me, there may have been some new years resolutions and the like and they may have lasted some time but in terms of the big picture stuff like goals there isn't much then maybe for an average Jo (Grant in this case) being happy is very good question to ask.
So, this raises the question, are/were you happy? This in turn raises the question, how do you decide if you are/were happy for a period of, in this case, a year as I find it very hard to believe that at every point during the year you were happy. Do you average it out and say well the good times outweigh the bad and therefor I am/was happy? Or maybe you say, well I ended the year on a high and how can I not be happy cause of that? Naturally at some point you're going to, as I am now, question what is being happy all about?
Well, now it feels like I've come full circle cause to me happiness is christmas time. It is the friends, family, holiday and just general good spirit of the people around. People wear hats, stupid red awesome ones, people sing, people dance, there is no other time of the year quite like it and to me it is quite a good definition of happiness.
So in closing, think about the year, think about the festive season and then say i don't care what this year has been like, i want to whole of my year next year to be like a festive season, all jolly and merry.
Be Happy

P.S. If your festive time sucks, let me know and I'll try my bestest to help you out.
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The Levels of Friendship

Level 0
You know their name- as you can see this isn't really a level as it is 0. Here you have maybe met them in passing, ie only introduced and you for some strange reason remember their name. Note that it is awkward to stalk them and get their phone number, that is only acceptable in later levels. Plus the stalking may be complicated by the fact that you know so little about them- this should be a hint, take it!
Level 1
You know more than their name, ie you had a conversation with them, it can be as part of a small group (3 or 4 people) and you learnt something about them that makes it a lot easier to stalk, or even better you got their number after the conversation, this may in itself be jumping the gun a bit. Note that I said it makes them easier to stalk, I did not condone it or say that you should and hence you may not get their contact details off the facebook, it is however acceptable to add them as a friend if you have more than 1 friend in common.
I think it is important at this point that this is not based on anything other than my experience and it is by no means the only way to make friends and be less socially awkward, but the idea is that it is a healthy guide.
Level 2
You have had a one-on-one conversation with this person. it doesn't have to be long or deep or anything but it has to be on the two of you. This also gives you the opportunity to get the person in question's number if that is how you operate. Note that here the line is fuzzy as guys will probably not exchange numbers so easily with other guys whereas girls would. It is important that the number conversation happens whilst in a one-on-one conversation as this ensures that you can be turned down without too much embarrassment to yourself or the was-to-be lever 3 friend.
Level 3
You message each other and hang out from time to time, lets say on a fortnightly basis. The conversations are still light and generally everybody is having a good time. It is not a bad idea to stick to this level for a while if you have the choice to do so as you can learn a lot from a person in these casual meetings. Suggested time in this level before making a decision is 2 months, although you might not have a choice in the matter as level 4 can happen due to factors out of your control.
Level 4
This is classified by more of level 3, ie more hanging out and more messaging. There are however a number of other way in which one can get to level 4. One of these is when something memorably awkward happens. The best is example is what happened the other day with a friend on mine. She had this thing on her lip and I had to tell her- your lip is oozing... whatever level you were on below 4 you are no longer on- There is no turning back from here- these things happen and yes they might be awkward but in some way humans are still animals and priceless moments like these are never repeated and will definitely take it to the next level.
Level 5
Have a deep conversation, nothing more to it.
Now I think I'll stop there are the lines kinda get blurred with different types of friendships at this point, with guys and guys being friends as well as bromances and the like. Once again, this is my opinion and since it is my blog i am entitled to give it.
People do tend to skip out on levels and stuff but then what are rules there for if not to be broken, sometimes it is better to not break the rules though.
Be Friendly
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Kang Rainbow

Nam Awesome

So on the way to awesome Namibia, this happened. Naturally we pulled off the road and took a photo.
Be Chasing Rainbows
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Broomed Death Results in Tug of War

So there we were, in Namibia on a glorious summer evening chilling outside. The eating had been concluded and there was a rather intense discussion going on but that is not the subject of this post.
The man of the house suddenly noticed that the dog was barking a specific way. I was clueless, the dog had been barking a lot and hence it had been tuned out. So the dog had alerted the man of the house to the fact that there was a snake present. Snake you say... Ooo, I'm interested but by no means a fan.
Now there was actions- a broom, torches and we were off to find this trespassing snake, i mean, how dare he. It was very ritual like, everybody running towards it, torches aimed like guns and the broom in the air, ready to strike, as was the snake, although not quite as high in the air.
Now at this point I was impressed with the dog- it somehow knew that the snake had a sharp end and was keeping just far enough away to keep the snake ready to attack but not close enough for it to reach. Anyway, there we were, a whole bunch of torches pointed at the snake and the man with the broom heading into the danger zone to help the dog out. If you are against the killing of snakes then I strongly urge you to find another blog to read right now.
Once again I was impressed by the dog- the broom came down and naturally the snake was like what just hit me, i should check it out and the dog was like- score, the sharp end isn't looking at me anymore. Bam, dog grabs snake by the blunt end (Where is the tail of a snake, it is like one big tail if you ask me). This is the point where the dog's instincts kicked in and started to run and shake his head violently, I don't mean a little head bop or something, it was like he was in a techno dance club and completely having a fit from an overdose and dancing it out, I would assume.
So now the dog is reversing, the snake is drawn out and must have been super confused after being hit by a broom and then being pulled and shaken all over the place. Anyway the broom kept on hitting and the dog kept on shaking- all was going well until the dog's shaking moved him into the broom's path and hence the broom hit the dog on the pip. Apparently this must of hurt a bit as the dog subsequently let go of the snake and yelped a bit- Oops. The snake was all shook up luckily and didn't have a chance to raise up the sharp side before the broom had a chance to say sorry to the dog and hit it again. The dog also recovered nice and quickly and once again did a bit of techno dancing with the snake in its mouth.
So with this continuing there were many words of warning being shouted by the torch bearers who still kept their distance (Me included). At around this point the snake was dead, not very dead cause it was still twitching a little but there weren't any more thoughts of the future going through the snake's head.
It is at this point that one of the best mental pictures of my life occurred. I laugh out loud when I just think about it and have decided that the only way to accurately portray this event is to draw it- now i'm no artist so bear with me:

So there we have it- The dog decided that the snake was his and the man decided otherwise- a tug of war ensued- the now very dead snake was the prise and the rope. I don't think I will ever forget the few moments of this tug of war for the rest of my life.
So, all in all it was an interesting evening to say the least, certainly not something that would happen to most people. Depending on your view on killing of snakes this may have been hard to read and for this I apologise. I will say though that in theory many things make sense until you come face to face with the sharp end of a snake.
Don't Be Broomed

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The Sunset Theory

So by now you may have realised that I kinda like taking pictures of sunsets and thus it stands to reason that I like sunsets. Now obviously it is cause they are pretty a lot of the time, but there are many meanings that can be attached to sunsets.
Many people see it as the end of the day and it signifies a finality of it and some see it as the start of the night. Other people again see it as the earth spinning and this results in the sun going down and nothing more too it. Naturally there are also some people who tell the time of day by the sun setting and it signifies bed time. As we can see there are many interpretations to it.
To me (As this is my blog I am able to give my opinion) it signifies a great deal more. Right now I am chilling watching the sun go down and it is a big reminder, one that happens nearly every day, that this moment, right now, on Friday, December 16 at 18:57 will never happen again. As time ticks on it never ticks back and the sun setting is a big reminder of that and I always like to look back on the day and decide if I used every minute or every second to it's utmost as they will never ever happen again (Until time travel is invented). Some people have said that time is like a bank account that gets filled up every day with 86400 seconds. The account is emptied at the end of that day and you there is no ways you can carry any of it over. what would you do? Any sane person in my mind would try empty the account every single day. Basically it is all summed up by muse in "don't waste time or time will waste you"
Be Busy
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