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Sheet Appreciation

I know it has been said over and over that you don't appreciate something until it is gone, well recently I haven't had sheets. Now that doesn't mean that I been sleeping on a bare matress, I have had a sleeping bag, but no sheet. Wow, I would never have thought that a simple piece of material could have such an impact on your sleeping experience and thus there is now a blog post to bring sheets into the spotlight and hopefully bring them some recognition for what they do, an ode to sheets if you will.
Be Sleepy

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Mooi Life

I look out my window
Down to the road below
People all driving in a row

Life flies by
Sometimes you sigh
Just to get by

The appears a train
suddenly into the frame
And you're no longer tame

Now you're in joy
It's like having a new toy
And like is very mooi!

Be Rhyming

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Some V-day Positivity

So people are always going on about how valentines day is so commercial and it is all about the money and stuff but I propose that it is only like that if you fall victim to the hype. In the greater scheme of things it a about you and somebody special. Sure a whole bunch of poeple have "dates" and "girl/boy-friends" but who says it can't be your mom, or dog or best friend. Make the most of it and yes, right now in your life it may feel like you missing out on the dating game or whatever but think of it as a little bit of practice for the future and the more you practice, the better you get ;) <3
Be Romantic

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"Dit help nie om te kla nie"

Sometimes people disappoint me a lot. Recently I was speaking to someone and asked them how they are, as is the custom and they replied by saying that it doesn't help complaining (What the title says for those of you not proficient in afrikaans). Seriously, is that the attitude that some people have. Wow, in my head this is meaning that all that they can think to do is complain and they've obviously grown tired of that so now they just let the world know that they've basically given up trying to be positive and even stopped complaining, just accepted their state of unhappiness.
Wow, anyway, so that was negative but I have a solution and it is simple. When someone asks you how you are, you respond by saying always good, or always awesome, in that way you do two things. One is that you remind yourself that you are awesome and that always puts a smile on my face and second is that you tell everybody else that you are being positive and maybe you might infect them a little and it'll rub off on them. At the end of that day, as with most things, the moral of the story is to be positive, as this blog has hopefully pointed out a number of times.
Be Positive

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What is it about humans? Ok, well that is broad, let me specify... When you meet someone and get to know them at some point in the friendship you look for things that you have in common, eg: "I love this song"
"No ways, me too"
#Turn up the stereo to avoid more awkward conversation
Now there are a couple of things that have occurred to me regarding this. Firstly, what makes a conversation interesting is if you differ on something and have to explain why, otherwise you just agree and move on. Now by explaining your point of view or liking of a certain song you are opening the listening part up to appreciating it too or to them changing your point of view by pointing out a flaw in your argument. Ok, so that is very complex and stuff and itself could be discussed at length, which will not be done now.
The second thing that occurred to me was how at a certain point things become common in a bad way. Think about it, at some point somebody decided that having a blackberry was a good idea, now everybody has one and suddenly it is cooler if you have the next new and exciting thing. Ok, wait, let me think of an example where I won't annoy most of my readers. At some point somebody decided that mullets were cool. Suddenly you were only cool if you had a mullet until that one day when whilst driving through Danville (No offence) you saw a mechanic with a mullet and in that instant they weren't cool anymore. Suppose some people will say that it is like a fashion wheel that turns but my point here is that is everybody liked orange sunglasses then they would become common and no longer be something you would have to explain and in so doing letting someone get to know you.
Wow, slight tangent there, but I think I'm back on track. The point that I'm trying to make here is that commonalities are not a good thing and make the world dull and uninteresting, so I am trying to avoid them at all costs.
Be Original

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Engineering Panorama

Engineering Panorama

So with varsity starting this week and stuff I thought I post of picture of campus. This one of the new engineering building, creatively named engineering 3. There are 4 photos that have been expertly combined in photoshop to create this picture which makes a normal right angled intersection not look right angled.
Be Studying
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Being Bold

Don't get the wrong idea, this is not the bold I am talking about. I am talking about the other kind, the kind where you, well that is what this post is about.
Sometimes being bold is about being that guy/girl who says what others have been too scared to say. Most of the time there is a good reason for this and thus by you saying it you are being bold and addressing the elephant in the room (Figuratively, unless you have a pet elephant). This boldness often results in an awkward moment of sorts cause people get offended and don't know how to react but in some cases you can be thanked for being the person who actually came out and said it. It takes a certain amount of courage to be that person but also a certain amount of just not caring about the consequences. You may have thought the whole lot through and decided that it was worth it but often it is just a spur of the moment thing.
Now naturally the question of weather it is worth it or not must be raised. Sure the awkward moment isn't the greatest but life is full of those so we might as well get used to them but ignoring that, should the elephant in the room be address and when it is, does it chase the elephant away.
I think the only way to answer this is to say that in essence, this is what being bold is all about. It is about being that guy/girl and you can't say you don't like it until you've tried it.
Be Bold

P.S. This is simply one of many many ways of being bold- hopefully many more will come soon.

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