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Blue Comm

Blue Comm

So it has been a long long time since the last photo here on the fuzzle. This one was taken over Pretoria with the blue communications tower coming out nicely. No fancy photoshop or anything anymore.
Be Blue
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I Don't Believe in Lightning

Well the title was easy, now I have to try and explain this without being too scientific whilst still being convincing- should be interesting.
People are wussies (I hope I'm allowed to say that). You're busy having an amazing game of whatever and there is a dark could in the sky and CRISIS!!! Lightning!!!!
Tut Tut, seriously, you're scared. Let us consider a few things:
1. If you can count to three after seeing the lightning to when you hear the thunder the storm is more than 1km away- true story!
2. Take a look around. Are you sticking out like a sore thumb? Are you the tallest thing around? Is there not a large steel pole close to you? If you answered yes to any of these then I might suggest you run, especially if you can't tell which piece of lightning produced which thunder sound, otherwise, chill out!
Ok, maybe I miss spoke- I do believe in lightning. I also believe that people freak out about stuff that they have less chance of being hit by than driving home from school.
I am sorry.
I think mother nature has exacted her revenge- I am stuck at work on my bicycle- it is raining.
Be Risking-The-Biscuit!

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That's not a Jelly Bean

So my awesome brother has taken to sleeping with earplugs. Generally they stay in overnight but one night he tells me he was having this dream about eating jelly beans. Anyway, he eventually got to bite into one and he mouth was suddenly telling his brain- this is not a jelly bean... Also it tastes kinda like ear wax.
Be Dossing

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Wind in My Beard

So there I was, chillin' as usual and there was a movement in the air, some might call this wind. My perfectly groomed beard was also chillin' as it is on my face (kinda hard for it not to be chillin too). Anyway, the next thing I know is that there is a slight rustling feeling from my chin. Well that is what my face was telling my brain but my brain was confused. "What, the beard is being moved??? The hands are in pockets and there is nobody around that I've been informed of." My brain naturally sent a quizzical look to the face, which cause some more beard motion, this time it was expected though.
The all important ah-ha moment was not far off. It all happened so quickly. The head was turned to face the wind, something about looking straight at it that makes is refreshing. The face reported to the brain once again, this time in earnest- a lot of rustling going on down here... The brain clicked, the so called lightbulb moment- The wind is making the beard move on the face.
So ja, for those if you that can, grow a beard and experience it. For those of you that can't, I hope that this post provides some insights to the awesomeness.
Be Having A Beard

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So when stuff happens, or to be crude and use the expression- "When Sh*t Happens" I find myself with no way of dealing with it. I feel like punching a wall, no, wait, shouting, no, running, ok a little, maybe hurting something, hmmm, what about getting drunk, maybe, or going to the gym, still not quite there, how about reading, nope def none of the above, somehow just don't feel like me. Now before you hit back and think that this blog is all about me and my ego and my problems, just hang on. I have decided that how you deal with stuff is part of your "deal". Typing that out made it seems super obvious, but there is more to it than that I think.
Ok, so I remember a TV program where an older guy asked a 16 year old what his deal was and the kid was like- I'm 16, i don't think I have a deal. Anyway, always had me thinking since then- what is my deal and what is the person I'm talking to's deal?
In this specific case, how do we deal with things when things aren't going quite to plan? I just don't know, in this case I blogged about it, but the wall in front of me is still looking ripe for a punching, so maybe blogging just isn't my way of dealing. An important observation is to ensure that you don't get more frustrated or angry just because you don't know how to deal cause that is a little counter-intuitive.
At this stage all I can do is wish all of us without dealing ways the best of luck, that being said if you looking for a way of dealing luck most probably isn't going your way right now. Wow, pessimistic much?
Be Dealing

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You know those days that just don't go. I can't quite tell you what exactly went wrong cause nothing did specifically but just felt like I was getting nowhere the whole day. One thing after another and I was just like seriously!
Then, out of the blue, the blue of Monday, it started going. I solved a problem, had a conversation with someone and everything seemed ok again. Actually more than that, I made the decision, once again, that I will be positive, even on a Monday when things are kinda glum, I will I will I will!
So the blue monday turned out to be a cool blue and deep and dark all at the same time.
Be Un-Blue

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positivity Monday

Me Time

Every now and then I find that you just have to say screw you world- I'm having some me time. It is awesome, you get to jump back into that little bubble that only you know anything about and just do some serious amounts of chillaxing. You could write in your journal, read a little bit, listen to some music and generally beed a bit a suppose.

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