Time really does fly

I was reading something the other day that pointed out that time really does fly the older you get because relatively speaking it is less.

Let me explain; when you're 4 years old and a year passes, your life just got longer by a quarter or 25%. Now when you're 50 and a year passes, suddenly your life only got longer by one in fifty, or 2%. So relatively speaking, that year doesn't add that much to your life and because you are comparing it to all your other years, of which there are many now, it essentially flew by.

Now maybe this is a good thing as it might be a bad year and you want to get it over with and let it be forgotten amongst all the other years, in which case I'm sorry, and maybe next year will be better. But years are arbitrary anyway, so why not start your good new year right now.

Now that you're on a good year, maybe you actually don't want the years to fly by and you want to experience everything and not just think that it flew by. Well, I think that is quite simple too- in reality, a second is a second and there are 60 of them in a minute and 60 of them in an hour and so on (Unless decimal time becomes a thing). Anyway, focussing on the present and not looking back, not comparing to the past means that a second stays a second and you should not be considering it relative to all the other seconds you've had. So stop comparing and realise that the second you have now is the same as the second you had when you were 4. Like my dad always says: "Everybody has the same amount of time, just depends on how you use it."

Be counting every second.