Theory: Make Friends Not Judgements

Ok, here we go, the first theory on RexFuzzle- Whoop Whoop!What is the first thing you think when you meet someone? Think about it, you're introduced to someone and immediately you're looking at them going I like that or don't like this or he/she has big teeth or or or, the list is endless, the point being that you're judging. Funny how people always try and deny this when you first tell them, but really go think about it, we all do it. It i such an automatic response, it just happens. The reasons for this judgement are another theory altogether but the point here is that it affects the way we treat the people we are meeting.If we meet someone and we like what we hear/see then it is game on- you want to get to know the person, possibly date them and our imaginations run wild- cue the montage with time after time playing in the background. It is amazing that within the first few minutes even seconds of meeting someone this is decided upon.On the other hand, you don't like what you see/hear and it is game over. You have no real interest in the person and any friendship or relationship that could have existed is out the window. Don't get me wrong, you still be polite and say hello, basically this could be called an acquaintance.Now here is the challenge- make friends. The more people I meet and talk to the more I find that everybody has a deal. In most cases it takes more than an introduction to find that deal but its there. Now this is the part where I'd love to say that I found my life partner like this and we weren't attracted to each other at first and so on and so forth, alas this is not the case. The reality is the more people that I meet the more i realise that I'm judging them and not trying to get to know them first.The challenge is to first realise how much you judge...Have Fun!