The Sunset Theory

So by now you may have realised that I kinda like taking pictures of sunsets and thus it stands to reason that I like sunsets. Now obviously it is cause they are pretty a lot of the time, but there are many meanings that can be attached to sunsets.
Many people see it as the end of the day and it signifies a finality of it and some see it as the start of the night. Other people again see it as the earth spinning and this results in the sun going down and nothing more too it. Naturally there are also some people who tell the time of day by the sun setting and it signifies bed time. As we can see there are many interpretations to it.
To me (As this is my blog I am able to give my opinion) it signifies a great deal more. Right now I am chilling watching the sun go down and it is a big reminder, one that happens nearly every day, that this moment, right now, on Friday, December 16 at 18:57 will never happen again. As time ticks on it never ticks back and the sun setting is a big reminder of that and I always like to look back on the day and decide if I used every minute or every second to it's utmost as they will never ever happen again (Until time travel is invented). Some people have said that time is like a bank account that gets filled up every day with 86400 seconds. The account is emptied at the end of that day and you there is no ways you can carry any of it over. what would you do? Any sane person in my mind would try empty the account every single day. Basically it is all summed up by muse in "don't waste time or time will waste you"
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