The Problem with Stuff

So after watching close on 2 hours worth of interviews with people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson (Running simulations leaves a lot of free time) I have come to the following conclusions:
Ideas do not simply happen as you're walking down the road- there needs to be a problem, in this hypothetical the cars might be a hinderance and so you think of the side-walk. Point being, if one does not have things that are problems then one does not come up with ideas to solve these problems.
This leads to the next point. I believe I am extremely fortunate to not have any problems, well, real problems- I'm not starving or homeless or ill and those are the type of problems that should be worked on as I think they are the most important. Or are they? Are they simply the effect of other problems that need to be solved?
Now where is this all leading. Well I'm not entirely sure, but there are more things that I am sure about. At some point life becomes a series of uncertainties and the certainties keep us sane, which is generally a good thing. The challenge is as always finding out the things one needs to know to keep sane, but also leave some room to be able to think outside the box.
One of Elon's plans after PayPal was to send a greenhouse to mars and have a photo of plants on the red planet. This eventually led to SpaceX. The thinking outside the box resulted in a problem which could then be solved and in this case bringing about the revolution of the space industry in the process. This all sounds great but I think sometime we must remember that our ideas do not have to bring about a revolution and that those type of things aren't necessarily planned.
Anyway, enough rambling for now. I am feeling somehow inspired and look forward to more "revelations" in the hopefully not too distant future.
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