So it's cold...

So where I live it is now winter and cold. Many people moan... sigh. I've made a list of things to be positive about it cold weather:
You can wear more of your favourite clothes at once
Snuggling doesn't get sweaty
You can make a fire to keep warm and it adds atmosphere
The possibility of snow is increased
Ice cream lasts longer
You can leave stuff outside as it isn't going to rain, except in the case of point 4.
The nights are longer, i.e. the days feel shorter, i.e. feels like you're at work less.
The moon is particularly large, well actually this has nothing to do with winter but it is very cool
Every day is closer to spring and summer.
So there it is. I might have to go to Lesotho to find some point 4. FYI point 5 has been proven to make you warmer before you moan at me. The big point is positivity! Oh Yeah!
Be Glad to be Cold