Right Now Right Here Theory

One day, not so long ago, I came to a realisation. It is from hence forth going to be called the right now right here theory.Let me try and explain, right now, I want to be right here. I am sitting in someone else's room, slightly hungry, in my pyjamas and i don't want to be anywhere else. If i wanted to be elsewhere I would go there or do something about it, but unless you are willing to change something don't complain about it. So for right now I am completely and utterly happy being right here. Now this does not just translate to this moment but in general day to day stuff too, for example, later I won't be in my pyjamas, but in overalls and then I will be happy being right there right then.The time for complaining is over and the time for change is now (Feel like someone way more important said that before me) so be right now right here or do something about it and in so doing you are being right now right here.Be Right Now Right Here