Passion is lacking in the world of today. Petitions and rallies and such are things that are done by extremists, not by you and me. Reason?Well various, one being moulds, as discussed in the last post, but basically we are put into a life where society thinks is the right place for us. Another, plain laziness. Seriously, people would far rather get home and watch the big black box and be mindless that actually engage in something.I could go on, but it is depressing me and like the song says, ain't nothing going to bring me down. Fact is, we need to find our passions. You'll know you've found it when and hour feels like 5min and you are wandering where all your time when, but you know that you were having fun! Just imagine your whole life was like that! It feels like I am writing a lot of stuff about what should but done, but very little on how to do it. Do not fear, I plan to rectify that as soon as I've figured it out, but for now, try it and if you figure it out, tell others how you did and pay it forward!Be Passionate