Ode to Brother

Yesterday my fool brother, Craig, turned 21. I reminded him that now he goes to real jail.
This year we moved in together and no offence to anybody but it is the most awesome living arrangement ever. Living with family beats living with anybody else by a country mile- if something needs to be done you tell them straight and that's that. I think we are lucky in that we then do the thing and don't just ignore each other.
My brother and I are close, very close. I will never forget the day when we were both very young and I started crying for some reason and the next thing he was crying too, I like to think that it was to give me moral support.
These days we discuss many things and have different views on some and the same on others. We always enjoy a good pun. My brother means more than he will ever know to me and I love him dearly, like a brother
I am not quite sure what an ode is supposed to be exactly, but this was supposed to be one.
Be a Brother