There is something about it that is just awesome. I've tried to right this post a couple of times and failed every time cause I just can't describe it properly, but this time I will succeed (Or i have hope that I will cause it i morning).Ok, so firstly it is a new day, every time you wake up, there is is, fresh, brand new and you have no clue what it can hold for you- kinda like waking up to a present every morning and it is never the same thing. Then there is the freshness, seriously, I don't know what happens overnight but in the morning everything just seems fresh, kinda like the air has had a change to catch a breath and is ready for action.You may have noticed by now that I am a morning person and so I like waking up... imagine not liking it- you have to do if for the rest of your life- get used to it and enjoy it. Anyway, so you open your eyes, sometimes you remember where you went to sleep other times you don't and you're like- Oh, I'm here, I forgot. Then there is also sometimes that moment or two of trying to put a dream back together- sometimes you are a little shattered that it was only a dream, but other time you re thankful that it was. So there you lie and your mind is working already... Maybe dreaming is just a little kickstart for it- just helping it on its way for the day.Anyway so you wake up and the sun also just feels fresh, like it also just woke up. The fact that it hasn't moved and you've just spun around a bit is irrelevant- it is fresh for you!Naturally there are sometimes things to look forward to and sometimes things not to look forward to but at the beginning of the day there is also new hope and strength- Take it!Be Waking