It is wrong to make mistakes

Teacher asks question.
Hand goes up.
Student gives answer.
Teacher says no.
Later, teacher asks question again.
Student doesn't attempt to answer.
Creativity dies a little bit.
That is it, we are taught to not make mistakes, it is wrong. There is only one right answer… seriously! I believe that laziness is the cause hereof. Firstly, it is much much easier to mark something where there is only one right answer. It is much easier to give marks depending on the right answers. Now that is all good and well, but how do we, who are grown ups do something to change that? For the most part we might think that we have given all the right answers and it is now the time when we are cashing in on all these right answers. Some of us might say that it is too late… Tut tut!
The whole thing reminds me of something Thomas Edison said whilst being interviewed after failing for the 1000th time in making a light bulb: "Well, now we know 1000 ways how not to make a light bulb." Our wrong answers aren't always wrong, there is some positive behind them, the thing is to learn from them and I think if you are not learning from them then they are wrong.
Be Wrong