So I have come to a conclusion- Hope is a big deal. Seriously, if you don't hope then you're just hopeless. I think it even runs a little deeper than that in that the essence of being positive is hope. Think about it, if things are going bad then one way of getting out of it is to hope, hope that is gets better, hope that you'll learn to cope with it, hope hope hope.So where does hope come from, what do you do if you don't have it. Well in my head it is about imagination. If you are able to dream a little (Not talking inception here) the I recon you can hope as your dream should be something to hope for. Again, not talking about nightmares, but the little day dreams or wishes that you have as you go along. Hope in those!I'll leave you with my own quote of which I am very proud about hope: Hope is like hopping- It keeps you going even when you're not going anywhere.Be Hoping